Green Trends in Industrial Manufacturing

Green manufacturing is an important topic at the forefront of industrial manufacturing. Companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce waste and positively impact both the environment and their businesses.   

As companies look toward greening their manufacturing processes, here are three trends you can look for in the industry.   

Using Renewable Energy   

The idea of renewable energy isn’t a new one. Solar, wind, and water-powered energy exists, but how are companies harnessing them?   

In Europe, companies can purchase renewable energy certificates to offset their emissions. These certificates or credits are known as RECs equate to an amount of power generated from a green, renewable source. Purchased in megawatt hours, companies can strategize using wind, hydro, or solar to help move their company towards carbon neutrality.   

Improving Emissions through Automation   

Another way companies can reduce their carbon footprint is to look at their own emissions, and see what steps can be taken in order to reduce them. Automating production can be a tool in not only reducing your emissions, but monitoring them more closely.   

When industrial production is automated, businesses are able to automatically collect data and run reports on energy, emissions, and costs. A smooth production line overall creates less downtime, and that can equate to fewer losses of resources. 

Additionally, adding electric control modules, or ECMs, to your tool kit can help to manage and monitor the energy used from machines, lights, and more. You’ll be able to tell how much electricity a machine is using, and from there make decisions about upgrading or retiring machinery or lighting.   

Reducing energy consumption can not only save you money but directly affect the environment in a positive way, reducing the use of additional resources.   

Producing Energy In-House  

Producing energy in-house, specifically solar, is another route many companies are taking in the process of greening their industrial manufacturing. The German manufacturer ABB opened a facility in 2019 that can power itself on sunny days.   

The facility built in Luedenscheid, Germany can produce 1100 MW hours of power each year. That’s enough to power 340 homes for a year! We can expect to see more industrial manufacturing moving towards creating their own solar power in the upcoming years, in an effort to not only continue to green their processes but continue to save money.   

Smaller Steps   

While we highlighted these three trends, there are many steps companies around the world are taking in order to green their manufacturing. Keeping machines conditioned and running smoothly cuts down on energy waste, and ensures smooth production.   

When it’s time to replace existing robots, consider selling to HGR. Our buying and selling of industrial surplus will keep it out of landfills. And purchasing a refurbished robot from our sister company iGAM keeps the lifecycle of machinery extended and away from the dump.   

Additionally, our other sister company NRTC Automation refurbishes industrial robots, extending the life of your machine, and aiding you in reducing waste and saving money.  

HGR has Green Solutions  

HGR’s very nature keeps green solutions at the forefront of what we do, along with our sister companies NRTC and iGAM. From recycling excess materials and cardboards, to reducing machinery in landfills, HGR makes important strides to stay current with the greening trends in the industry. To learn more about buying and selling industrial surplus, contact us today.   


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