HGR Celebrates Manufacturing Day

Today is Manufacturing Day, and we’re celebrating at HGR! Held on the first Friday in October each year, the community comes together to celebrate innovation, hard work, and education in the manufacturing sector. We are honoring the day with a 5-day sale with savings of up to 40% on a wide selection of industrial surplus.  

HGR buys industrial machinery and manufacturing equipment and our online marketplace and local showrooms consist of thousands of tools, equipment, and machines that directly come from or would benefit manufacturers. From robots that can streamline production through automation, to CNC machines and other large manufacturing equipment designed to increase productivity and inventory, you can find everything you need at HGR.  

Our original showroom in Euclid, Ohio has a long history in the manufacturing industry. In 1942, the area where the showroom currently resides became zoned for factories, and the Defense Plant Corporation broke ground on a wartime plant valued at $20,000,000 on the 64 acres location. In 1943, Cleveland Pneumatic Aerol began to lease the plant, and started to manufacture landing gear and rocket shells for the WWII effort.  

The plant passed through a few hands in the next few years, until General Motors purchased it in 1947, and in 1948 began manufacturing bodies for both Chevy and Oldsmobile station wagons and delivery vehicles. The plant went on to manufacture a variety of other vehicle bodies, including the famous El Camino, the luxury Oldsmobile Tornado, and Buick Riviera. This would last until 1969, when labor disputes and strikes kicked up over the next 10 years.  

The factory switched gears, and for a while made elements, such as upholstery, that required sewing for the automotive manufacturing industry. This lasted through the next 22 years until the plant closed in 1992. GM sold the property in 1996, and in 1998 HGR moved into the building. Spearheaded by Paul Betori, his vision of a huge industrial garage sale came to fruition, stocking everything from machines, some used during the Rust Belt’s heyday, to office equipment, and more. By 2015, HGR owned the historic building and had renamed it “Nickel Plate Station” in homage to the station wagons that GM manufactured in the location and the rail line that ran alongside the facility. 

Over the years, HGR has grown just like the manufacturing industry, from just our Euclid location to four locations, in Alabama, Texas, and soon-to-open Wisconsin. We’ve seen the manufacturing industry shift from moving production overseas to shifting back to American soil, and we have been here to support that growth. We help stock manufacturers with products, such as CNC machines, and industrial robots, but we also purchase industrial surplus, and entire warehouses from manufacturers, and can assist with the decommissioning efforts to help clear our facilities.  

We are thrilled to be a part of the growing and thriving manufacturing industry, and also in sharing in part of its history. We invite you to celebrate with us today, October 7th, and partake in our 5-day celebration sale! Make sure to follow us on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn where we keep the celebration going!  

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