Weekly Roundup – Could These Risks Derail Your 2023 Engineering Projects? 3 Critical Factors for Industry’s Future, Can Robotics Solve Labor Shortages – Week of 12/05/22

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 Could These Risks Derail Your 2023 Engineering Projects?

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Design News |   Dec 6, 2022 | Design News

Design News asked Matthew Bey, senior global analyst for RANE, a risk intelligence company, about the current supply chain risks that could impact engineering projects in 2023. Around this time each year, RANE shares the key global trends and constraints that could impact the year ahead.

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What Distributors Would Like to See More of … and Less of from Manufacturers

Mike Marks |   Dec 5, 2022 | IEN

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The relationship between distributors and manufacturers can be complicated. It requires constant care, feeding and adaptation in a rapidly changing environment – and manufacturers may be damaging it by failing to recognize common pitfalls. Understanding what your distributors need from the relationship is a critical piece of the puzzle. Manufacturers do many things to help distributors sell product and enhance the relationship. Here are common best practices distributors would like to see more of from manufacturers.

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Six Logistics Trends to Watch for in 2023


Robert Cadena |   Dec 6, 2022 | Supply Chain Brain

As the transportation and logistics industry emerges from the global COVID-19 pandemic and the pain it inflicted on the supply chain, we now face new challenges and an uncertain economy in the coming year. Following are six trends we can expect to see in 2023.

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Overcoming Staffing Challenges During the Rise of Automation in Manufacturing

Partner With Engineering Recruiters to Find Quality Talent

Amy Bryson |    Dec 6, 2022 | SME

Learn best practices from Stanley Johnson, Director of Strategic Sales for Aerotek, a specialized recruiting firm that connects organizations with manufacturing, logistics, construction, aviation, and facility management professionals. As manufacturers struggle to find top talent, Stanley shares insights that can move the needle in bridging the skills gap today and in the future.

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3 Critical Factors for Industry’s Future

Rockwell Automation Fair 2022 Chicago

Automation World |   Dec 7, 2022 | Automation World

At Automation Fair 2022 and its accompanying Process Solutions User Group event, Rockwell Automation devoted a great deal of focus to three issues it sees as critical to industry’s future: cybersecurity, sustainability, and workforce enablement.

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‘Not Your Grandfather’s Manufacturing’

Woman at computer and monitors with orange, yellow, blue and green pattern overlay

Eric Sorensen, Jeff Reinke |    Dec 7, 2022 | IEN

Watch as a leading integrator of Industry 4.0 technologies discusses the evolution and impact of data and supply chain visualization tools.

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How Robotics Can Help Manufacturers Solve Labor Shortages

|    Nov 8, 2022 | Robotics & Automation

Manufacturing is critical to the United States and the Midwest. Baby Boomers Reaching Retirement Age Although Baby Boomers no longer represent the largest generation in the labor force, Pew Research Center says there are still more than 40 million of them in the workforce, accounting for about 25 percent of workers. Finally, some people believe that manufacturing jobs are not as stable as other types of jobs.

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How to gain control over your maintenance processes: Striving for continuous improvement

Striving For Continuous Improvement

Joe Anderson, George Williams |    Dec 7, 2022 | Plant Services

Plant Services Editor in Chief Thomas Wilk hatched a plan with George Williams and Joe Anderson to create a podcast series titled “Assets Anonymous.” The idea was for each monthly episode to address one aspect of how to gain better control over your maintenance processes and ultimately drive improved throughout and greater profitability.

All episodes are now available at www.plantservices.com/the-tool-belt, and this month’s cover story draws from each episode to deliver an extended sample of the advice shared by Joe and George. This is part six of our six-part series.

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11 handy software tools for roboticists


Alex Sixt |    Dec 6, 2022 | The Robot Report

To help you best prepared for 2023, Here’s a list of the top tools roboticists should add to their arsenal.

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US Trade Deficit Rose in October on Exports Dip

Container Cargo Ship In The Export And Import Business Logistics International Goods Supply Chain Cargo Tampatra1 Dreamstime

Agence France-Presse |    Dec 6, 2022 | Industry Week

Decreases in industrial supply and consumer goods pushed the overall trade deficit $4 billion to $78.2 billion in October, Commerce Department data showed. Exports have weakened in recent months as global economies grapple with inflation and higher interest rates, while a stronger US dollar has made American goods more pricey for foreign consumers. Imports picked up in October to $334.8 billion on goods including automotives and parts, but demand for consumer products eased with a drop in items like mobile phones and sporting goods. Consumer goods, in particular pharmaceutical preparations, slipped as well. This contrasts against improved imports, which “continue to be supported by a strong dollar and resilient consumer spending.”

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