Weekly Roundup – U.S. Inflation Slowing Down? Predictions for Manufacturing in 2023, Embracing Automation Technologies – Week of 12/12/22

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U.S. Inflation Slowed Sharply to 7.1% Over Past 12 Months

Christopher Rugaber |   Nov 13, 2022 | IEN

Inflation in the United States slowed again last month in the latest sign that price increases are cooling despite the pressures they continue to inflict on American households. Economists expect the Fed to further slow its rate hikes next year, with quarter-point increases in February and March if inflation remains relatively subdued.

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Manufacturers Need to Band Together for Sustainability

Adam Parr |   DEC 13, 2022 | Design News

Construction is an essential part of human society, contributing to the growth and development of our people and culture. However, waste byproducts are one unfortunate side effect of development. Numerous stakeholders — including employees, customers, investors, and governments — are calling on industries to improve their environmental performance.

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How to Achieve Better Financial Returns on Automation Investments

Stevan Dobrasevic |    Dec 15, 2022 | Machine Design

Flexible automation technology that enables adjustments on the fly should not negatively impact ROI. Follow a few guidelines to avoid common pitfalls.

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Predictions for Manufacturing in 2023 – Part I

Design Development Today |   Dec 14, 2022 | Design Development Today

As 2022 comes to an end, a number of industry leaders are offering their thoughts on what to expect in 2023. Jason Mann, VP of IoT at SAS, a provider of analytics services, sees four major trends that will drive the use of advanced analytics:

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Embracing Automation Technologies to Optimize Just-in-Time Processes

Manufacturing Tomorrow |   Dec 14, 2022 | Manufacturing Tomorrow

Automation and robotic technologies continue to proliferate across all industries. Specifically within the manufacturing industry, the use of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) is maturing in ways that help to improve competitiveness, whilst adding enhanced resilience and flexibility to operations.

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Relationships Paramount in the Age of Automation

Casey Flanagan |    Dec 14, 2022 | Automation World

Over 90% of packaged goods companies want OEMs to offer deeper relationships and enhanced training opportunities on automation technologies. An increasingly automated world seems lonely at first glance, conjuring up visions of robots coldly operating in sterile factories. But, as it turns out, the future of automation may hinge more on warm relationships than technology.

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Robots Are Taking Over Fast Food Jobs

Rob Spiegel |    Dec13, 2022 | Design News

“Over the past two and a half years, the restaurant industry was forced into a new set of dynamics to stay operational. Unfortunately, the lack of labor has made efficiency a challenge.” Jake Brewer, chief strategy officer at Miso, explains his views on the future of robots in food service.

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